• NEXT JCARC MEETING: Wednesday, September 6, 7:00 p.m. at Cape George Fire Station 41.
  • **NEXT VECOM MEETING: Friday, October 13, 10-noon, at Fire Station 61 on Lawrence Street.

**Note: The September VECOM Meeting has been cancelled due to conflicts.


Training Opportunity: E-74 Reducing the Risks of Nonstructural Earthquake Damage

This training announcement was referred to us by Director Lynn Sterbenz, Jefferson County DEM. If you’d like to attend, get in touch with Lynn or Acting EC Roger Maynard KL7HI.

From: Fordice, Justin D (MIL) []
Subject: Training Opportunity: E-74 Reducing the Risks of Nonstructural Earthquake Damage (Click here to download flyer)

Hello WA State HLS Region 2 Partners!
I wanted to pass along to the attached training opportunity for the FEMA E-74 course occurring in Bremerton on August 15th, 2017. Details on registration are on the flyer. Please distribute to your stakeholders within the HLS Region first (Clallam, Jefferson, Kitsap) so as to maximize participation from your closest residents/customers. The venue (Kitsap County EOC) will hold 30-35 comfortably. If registrations plateau below that number, we’ll offer seats up to a state-wide audience.

The venue POC is Jason McMillan at
Have a great week!

Rhody Run Preparation

Here are some files that were requested during the VECOM meeting this morning.

Here is the latest Jefferson County VECOM frequency list in csv and pdf formats. I looked for Clallam lists to add a cross reference and found that their lists seem to be password protected. The only ones I found were from 2006. They were very different. I think it is best to have a printout of our list in your go kit and to know how to add new channels when needed.

There was a request for the all milepost form for the Rhody Run. Here it is.

Thanks to those of you who attended this month’s meeting.

Roger KL7HI will be doing the June meeting and will likely do a live demo of HF or VHF email data.

73 Dick Illman
Jeffco ARES EC

Downloads (PDF):

ACES Training Opportunity

VECOM team,
Lynn has not been mandating ACES training, this is short notice, and the Redmond event is on the same weekend as our Search and Rescue event, but you might consider attending this training. It is not as important for supporting just within Jefferson County but there are other areas of Washington and the US that do mandate this training.

If you did attend the training there might be an opportunity to provide the rest of us training content we could use.


Dick Illman
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VECOM March Meeting Notes

VECOM Meeting Highlights:

  • Words from DEM Lynn Sterbenz
  • ARES/VECOM Profile and Capabilities
  • Repeater update
  • Cape George FireHall
  • 60m HF Interoperability nets
  • Communications Academy update
  • Health and Welfare update
  • What to do when all else has failed

Click HERE to download the PDF file from Dick Illman’s March VECOM presentation:

Jefferson County ARES VECOM MARCH 2017

FEMA HF Interoperability Exercise

On the third Wednesday of each month, FEMA Region X conducts a COMMEX consisting of radio check in’s from authorized state, tribal, federal and amateur stations to test HF interoperability in case of an emergency or disaster response.  Cities, counties, tribes, authorized Federal agencies and amateur operators that support jurisdictional emergency management organizations are welcome to participate.  The coordination and authorization of this net between Federal stations and amateur licensees has been coordinated and authorized by the NTIA and the FCC. (Download full FEMA press release by clicking: RX COMMEX Plan_MAR2017_PublicRelease.)

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