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Updated Frequency List for Jefferson County ARES

by Dick, AH6EZ

The attached multi-sheet Excel file is my highly revised standard
VECOM frequency list for the 2m and 440 bands. There will be some
added 220 band channels.


  • FRS channels are ok. FRS 1 1 now labeled FRS 1.
    They will hear all and transmit the default privacy code 1.
  • Changed PT PD to PD Tac. Corrected and tested ctcss rx for Sheriff,
    Fire, and PD Tac.
  • For RT systems, the channels in the radio settings should be 128.
  • Here is the UV5R file for RT Systems and an csv export file.
  • Here are UV5X3 files for RT Systems and Chirp and an csv export file.
  • I see there is a new Chirp version Dec 14, which I used.

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Field Program Your Baofeng

Here are some aids to help when manually programming your Baofeng radio:

The Baofeng Programming document is intended to be in a Resource Book.

The Programming Instructions and Frequency List are intended to be
laminated and attached to the lanyard on the portable. They might need
to be shrunk in the printing process depending on the practical
eyesight of the end user.

Baofeng programming v1
Frequency List
Program Instructions
Instructions Freq List (Excel xlsx)

73, Dick Illman

Oregon ACES Class Rescheduled for Feb 24-25

Presently there are 13 of you on my list for this class. Ultimately you will need to register on the web site when our class is on their calendar. There are 25 seats available that may also be offered to the new Feb 3,4 students as well as Clallam and Kitsap. I will let you know when you can sign in.

Here is a course description.

The course fee is $25 per student at the door and includes the student workbook and certificate.  The FEMA IS-100, IS-200 and IS-700 courses are available online and are required prior to certification. You may take the class before completing the FEMA courses and will receive your ACES certificate when you complete the FEMA courses. Students are required to bring a radio and manual for programming practice and a headset is recommended. The class focuses on your performance and mastry of the skills required for auxiliary communications support. You will be operating and checking into a net, sending and receiving formal message traffic in multiple formats and programming your radio to new frequencies. To complete the course there is a multiple choice exam and practical demonstration of learned skills.

Here is a link to the ICS classes.

73 Dick Illman
Jefferson County ARES EC