ACES Training Opportunity

VECOM team,
Lynn has not been mandating ACES training, this is short notice, and the Redmond event is on the same weekend as our Search and Rescue event, but you might consider attending this training. It is not as important for supporting just within Jefferson County but there are other areas of Washington and the US that do mandate this training.

If you did attend the training there might be an opportunity to provide the rest of us training content we could use.


Dick Illman


We have some ACES emergency communications class opportunities in the next couple months.  The next one will be in Redmond May 6th-7th and
then Bremerton June 10th-11th.  You can sign up and find more
information at ACES development team used emergency managers and amateur radio
emergency communications leadership to identify a basic set of skills
that are required of all operators regardless of served agency and
created a training package.  The goal is to create operators who can
participate in an incident and function as volunteer professionals,
rather than be seen as amateurs.  The focus is on amateur radio used in
an auxiliary capacity (as required by FCC rules) but includes discussion
of other communications systems used by served agencies.  The course has
been delivered multiple times in Washington, Oregon and California over
the past few years.  More information can be found at

What makes this course unique is in addition to the classroom training,
we include hands-on exercises to insure participants can program radios,
send formal message traffic, etc.. A complete outline for the course can
be found at  We
would like to encourage anyone interested in emergency communications
to attend.  The cost is kept to a minimum to appeal to the broadest
possible group.  The training is offered at different locations as
local hosts are identified, much the way the ICS classes are delivered.
Contact Scott N7SS with any questions at

This is excellent training and I’d recommend taking a look at the
curriculum and attending if your calendar allows.

ARRL Western Washington Section
Section Manager: Monte L Simpson, AF7PQ


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