Oregon ACES Class Rescheduled for Feb 24-25

Presently there are 13 of you on my list for this class. Ultimately you will need to register on the oregonaces.org web site when our class is on their calendar. There are 25 seats available that may also be offered to the new Feb 3,4 students as well as Clallam and Kitsap. I will let you know when you can sign in.

Here is a course description.

The course fee is $25 per student at the door and includes the student workbook and certificate.  The FEMA IS-100, IS-200 and IS-700 courses are available online and are required prior to certification. You may take the class before completing the FEMA courses and will receive your ACES certificate when you complete the FEMA courses. Students are required to bring a radio and manual for programming practice and a headset is recommended. The class focuses on your performance and mastry of the skills required for auxiliary communications support. You will be operating and checking into a net, sending and receiving formal message traffic in multiple formats and programming your radio to new frequencies. To complete the course there is a multiple choice exam and practical demonstration of learned skills.

Here is a link to the ICS classes.

73 Dick Illman
Jefferson County ARES EC

FEMA Region 10 Exercise

From ARRL news: 01/09/2018Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region 10 (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington) will conduct a Communications Exercise (COMMEX) on January 17 and on the third Wednesday of subsequent months during 2018, 1500-2100 UTC. These exercises will use the 60-meter channels and will test and exercise interoperable communication (federal/state/local/tribal/Amateur Radio) for use during a major disaster in which the conventional telecommunication infrastructure has been significantly damaged or destroyed.

FEMA Region 10 will use the call sign WGY910. Other stations that may take part include, but are not limited to, other FEMA stations, DHS, USCG, SHARES, DoD, and National Weather Service. Stations (both federal and amateur) associated with agencies and organizations that provide response support in accordance with the National Response Framework are encouraged to participate.

The COMMEX will use all five 60-meter dial frequencies: 5,330.5 kHz; 5,346.5 kHz; 5,357.0 kHz; 5,371.5 kHz, and 5,403.5 kHz as part of the exercise.

Puget Sound HAM Repeaters

Click to download
Puget Sound Repeater map

Thanks to member Mark Bauserman for his diligent and thoughtful compilation of amateur radio repeaters in the Puget Sound area.

The Puget Sound HAM Repeater Maps book is available as a printable PDF file (11 pages, see link below) and consists of several maps and lists to help the ham trying to establish VHF or UHF communications in the region.  Especially valuable are the excellent repeater maps including Jefferson and Clallam Counties, Kitsap County, and northern Puget Sound.  A couple of linked repeater systems are also mapped out, covering the greater Puget Sound area and southwest Washington coast.

Mark gives credit to his sources including Repeaterbook.com, Puget Sound Energy Amateur Radio Group, BeachNet Repeater System, and the Mike and Key Amateur Radio Club.

We’d highly recommend that all members download a copy and print it out so it is available when the chips (and the Internet) are down.

Download your copy of the Puget Sound HAM Repeater Map book by clicking here. (v. 12-2-17, 11 pages)

Rhody Run Preparation

Here are some files that were requested during the VECOM meeting this morning.

Here is the latest Jefferson County VECOM frequency list in csv and pdf formats. I looked for Clallam lists to add a cross reference and found that their lists seem to be password protected. The only ones I found were from 2006. They were very different. I think it is best to have a printout of our list in your go kit and to know how to add new channels when needed.

There was a request for the all milepost form for the Rhody Run. Here it is.

Thanks to those of you who attended this month’s meeting.

Roger KL7HI will be doing the June meeting and will likely do a live demo of HF or VHF email data.

73 Dick Illman
Jeffco ARES EC

Downloads (PDF):

ACES Training Opportunity

VECOM team,
Lynn has not been mandating ACES training, this is short notice, and the Redmond event is on the same weekend as our Search and Rescue event, but you might consider attending this training. It is not as important for supporting just within Jefferson County but there are other areas of Washington and the US that do mandate this training.

If you did attend the training there might be an opportunity to provide the rest of us training content we could use.


Dick Illman
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Rhody Run 2016

rhody-run-logoThis year’s Rhody Run in Port Townsend is Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 at 11:00 hours PDT.
Attached (PDF downloads) are the three critical pieces of information for the people who signed up to help with the Rhody Run.
Here are some reminders:
  • We will meet at Elks parking lot at 9:00 a.m. race day (May 22nd)
  • Elks will have breakfast if anyone is interested
  • Sun Screen or rain protection (to be determined day of race)
  • Clip board
  • Pencils
  • Lawn chair
  • Portable or mobile w/ charged batteries
  • We will pass out vests for each mile post
  • An earphone is useful if you have one
We will use the following frequencies:
  • Main Frequency:  145.15 MHz minus offset with a CTCSS tone of 114.8 Hz. (the Port Townsend Repeater)
  • Alternate Frequency: 145.15 MHz simplex with a CTCSS tone of 114.8 Hz. (the Repeater output frequency)

Volunteers, please print the following attachments:

Regards, Gary.

Kinetic Skulpture Race

Hi Everyone,

Here are the assignments for this year’s Kinetic Skulpture Race:

Kinetic Assignments – 2015

I want to thank you for participating in this public service event/training exercise. I think we’ll have a lot of fun and learn some things too. For the people who signed up for Saturday, we will plan on getting together around the American Legion sometime around 1:00 pm. There will be a lot going on before then so you may want to get there earlier just to see the insanity. Sunday, we will meet at 10:30 at the Safeway (Haynes) Park and Ride to check radios, sync watches, answer questions, make last minute changes, etc. We will pass out the t-shirts for those that didn’t get them Saturday.

Remember, if you want to see the water race on Saturday come on down. We still have a couple of openings.

I also want to THANK (in capital letters) Dick Illman and Roger Maynard for the super job they have done to add digital capability to the EOC and cover the Fall Simulated Emergency Test for the rest of us while we do the Kinetic Skulpture Race.

I’m looking forward to seeing you this weekend.


Gary, KD7MWL

All County Picnic a Success

ARES representatives man the "Corndog" communications trailer at the all-county picnic. Photo by KL7HI.
ARES representatives man the Jefferson County Emergency Management communications trailer at the all-county picnic. Photo by KL7HI.

Perfect weather and good company was the order of the day at the All County Picnic.  ARES members and Marrowstone Island Emergency Preparedness folks worked together to demonstrate ham radio emergency communications to the public.

Many members of the public wanted to learn more, and filled the sign-up roster for the ham radio licensing class to be held in September.  To learn more about the upcoming class, click on this link to check out the Jefferson County Amateur Radio Club website.