ACES Training Opportunity

VECOM team,
Lynn has not been mandating ACES training, this is short notice, and the Redmond event is on the same weekend as our Search and Rescue event, but you might consider attending this training. It is not as important for supporting just within Jefferson County but there are other areas of Washington and the US that do mandate this training.

If you did attend the training there might be an opportunity to provide the rest of us training content we could use.


Dick Illman
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VECOM March Meeting Notes

VECOM Meeting Highlights:

  • Words from DEM Lynn Sterbenz
  • ARES/VECOM Profile and Capabilities
  • Repeater update
  • Cape George FireHall
  • 60m HF Interoperability nets
  • Communications Academy update
  • Health and Welfare update
  • What to do when all else has failed

Click HERE to download the PDF file from Dick Illman’s March VECOM presentation:

Jefferson County ARES VECOM MARCH 2017

Notes from February 2017 ARES Meeting

Download Dick Illman, KH6EZ’s slide presentation as shown at the February 2017 Vecom meeting.

Agenda Highlights:

  • Word from out DEM, Lynn Sterbenz
  • Chart: Jefferson County Organizational Structure
  • ARES Registration forms, add your cellular provider
  • Repeater Update
  • Cape George Fire Hall
  • 60m HF Interoperability nets on 5330.5 kHz
  • Communication Academy
  • Health and Welfare Traffic update
  • Search and Rescue, Simplex Repeaters

Click this link to download PDF file: jefferson-county-ares-vecom-february-2017-4

60 Meters Interoperability

In the world of Emergency Communications (Emcomm) there is an increasing emphasis on getting ARES and RACES stations to be able to directly communicate with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and military MARS stations on 60 meters (5 MHz). It’s worth checking this band out because it has some propagation characteristics that may become more useful as the sunspot cycle declines.

Unlike other bands, this band has some interesting rules and operating practices that require some study before jumping in.
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Cyber Security Presentation Jan. 28

do-not-track-the-latest-from-mozilla-bfKyWC-clipartThe Port Ludlow ARC, Digital Life Group and the Sheriff’s Foundation is sponsoring Cyber Security Part II January 28, 2017 and start promptly at 1 PM. The venue will be the Bay Club Auditorium in Port Ludlow. There is no fee to attend.

Our speaker Kevin Eckstrom, a Federal expert on Cyber Threats, Security and Mitigation will again be discussing security risks to individuals via the Internet and other exploit avenues. His suggested topics include;

  • Email Threats
  • Smart Phones (Blu Phones)
  • Internet of Things
  • Windows / Apple and Linux OS
  • How safe are we and what we can do to stay safe

We anticipate that there will be a large interest in this program and therefore pre-registration is required! Registration is availabe at

Vecom/ARES/RACES Meeting notes

Today Dick, AH6EZ covered several topics including:

To download the Power Point slides (pdf) for this meeting, click HERE: jefferson-county-ares-vecom-november-2016.

Cyber-Security Program

do-not-track-the-latest-from-mozilla-bfKyWC-clipartThe Port Ludlow Amateur Radio Club, in conjunction with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Foundation and the Port Ludlow Computer Club(Digitallife), is sponsoring a Community Educational Program on Cyber Threats and Computer Security. Our speaker will be Kevyn Eckstrom, a Cyber Expert who routinely provides educational programs to Federal entities as well as other Organizations and Communities. This will be a great opportunity to get educated on all of the latest Cyber News, and is open to all interested, so please share this information with your friends and neighbors.

Here are some topics that Kevyn is thinking of covering.

Threats and mitigations * PC’s – Mac’s * Smart phones * Baby Monitors * Home surveillance cameras * The “Internet of Things” (refrigerators, thermostats, door locks, modern automobiles, televisions, etc) * OpSec (Operations Security in the real world) * Don’t be fooled by the cart before the horse * Questions and answers – interact with the audience

The program will be October 1st and start promptly at 6pm, in the Port Ludlow Bay Club located at120 Spinnaker Pl, Port Ludlow, WA 98365. We will need to have a good count of who is going to be attending for set up purposes, so please make your reservation with Nancy Mckibbin, via direct email, by phone 360-437-0337 9am to 9pm only please, or at any lunch or Club event.