So you’ve got your license, and a radio, and you joined ARES.  Everything was working fine, but you haven’t been on the air for a while. You’re ready for the big emergency–right? Well, maybe not…

We practice to be sure our equipment is functioning properly, and to keep our skills as operators. An emergency activation is not the time to learn your HF antenna won’t tune, that your version of FLDIGI on your computer is out of date, or that your Yaesu FT 817 doesn’t always work exactly right in digital modes with the VHF antenna mounted to the front of the radio with a right-angle BNC connector.

Whatever your skill level or favorite modes of operation, stay prepared by using your radio whenever you can.  At a minimum, try to be there for the local ARES net.

The pages in this section have net listings and links to resources that will help you stay proficient and confident as a ham operator. Challenge yourself, learn and have fun–it’s really what hamming is all about.