VECOM March Meeting Notes

VECOM Meeting Highlights:

  • Words from DEM Lynn Sterbenz
  • ARES/VECOM Profile and Capabilities
  • Repeater update
  • Cape George FireHall
  • 60m HF Interoperability nets
  • Communications Academy update
  • Health and Welfare update
  • What to do when all else has failed

Click HERE to download the PDF file from Dick Illman’s March VECOM presentation:

Jefferson County ARES VECOM MARCH 2017

Notes from February 2017 ARES Meeting

Download Dick Illman, KH6EZ’s slide presentation as shown at the February 2017 Vecom meeting.

Agenda Highlights:

  • Word from out DEM, Lynn Sterbenz
  • Chart: Jefferson County Organizational Structure
  • ARES Registration forms, add your cellular provider
  • Repeater Update
  • Cape George Fire Hall
  • 60m HF Interoperability nets on 5330.5 kHz
  • Communication Academy
  • Health and Welfare Traffic update
  • Search and Rescue, Simplex Repeaters

Click this link to download PDF file: jefferson-county-ares-vecom-february-2017-4

Heads UP: Cold Temps Coming

Current weather chart

Things are shaping up for record-setting cold temperatures across the US next week.  According to the National Weather service, the cold should start in the western part of the U.S., then spread eastward, eventually covering most of the us with colder than usual temperatures.  For more information, check out the NWS 6-10 day forecast:

This would be a good time to make sure your generator works, your gas tanks are full, your propane delivery is up to date, radios have fresh batteries, and so on…

73, Roger, KL7HI